Air Filter Replacement

Air Filter Replacement

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The air filter is one of several parts of a vehicle that has to be replaced over time. Although it may not appear to be significant, it is critical to the correct operation of your car. Every repair and replacement at Car Service and Repair is approached with the same passion and attention. Our experts will inspect your car and determine whether or not the air filter needs to be replaced. For replacements, we exclusively utilise genuine equipment and components. Our experts will inspect your car and determine whether or not the air filter needs to be updated.

How Does Air Filter Replacement Work with Car Service and Repair?

What are the guidelines for replacing the air filter?

Between 15,000 and 30,000 miles, your vehicle's air filter should be replaced. This is also dependent on your driving style and driving circumstances. If you travel on dirt roads frequently or have a turbocharged engine, you should replace the air filter more frequently.

How much does it cost to replace the air filter?

The cost of replacing an air filter is determined by the make and model of your vehicle, as well as how accessible the air filter housing is. An air filter might cost anything from £20 and £60, including labour to install it.

What does a car's air filter do?

Humans require oxygen to survive, and a vehicle requires oxygen to accomplish the combustion process. The air filter aids in the purification of the air. It keeps dirt, insects, particulates, debris and sand out of the engine. It maintains a clean combination of air and fuel to aid performance.

What You Need to Know About Air Filters

What are the indicators that your air filter is clogged?

The following are common indicators of a blocked and unclean air filter:

  • Fuel efficiency is reduced.
  • Engine that is misfiring
  • Engine noises that are strange and uncommon
  • The check engine/engine management light illuminates.
  • The air filter appears to be clogged.
  • Has a decrease in horsepower
  • When starting the vehicle, there is a nasty smell of fuel.

What happens if you don't change your car's air filter?

The first thing you'll notice is that your check engine light will illuminate. It will not cause severe harm but ignoring the air filter for an extended period of time will cause the engine to shut down. Outside dust and debris accumulate over time, causing harm to the combustion chamber. The engine would be unable to draw enough air into the combustion chambers, resulting in a rich running condition (i.e., more gas and less air).

What is the significance of changing the air filter?

The expense of maintaining a filthy filter rises.
The vehicle will break down as a result of the damage caused by a neglected filter, and the repair costs will be far higher than the cost of an air filter. You won't have to worry about replacing entire components if you pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the little pieces of your vehicle.
Fuel economy has improved.
When you change a filthy air filter, your vehicle's fuel economy and acceleration will both improve. It depends on your vehicle's make and type, but changing a blocked filter is only beneficial to your vehicle.

Is it true that replacing the air filter in your vehicle makes a difference?

Air filters that are clogged or dirty reduce the flow of air to the engine, altering the balance of air and fuel in your vehicle. This imbalance can clog spark plugs and cause misfiring in the engine. The ‘Service Engine' light will turn on as a result of this. It will also contaminate the environment. All of these problems may be avoided by just replacing the air filter on a regular basis.

Free collection and delivery service for air filter replacement

We understand that everyone is busy these days, and you may find it difficult to care for your vehicle and take it to the garage for maintenance. We are providing a free collection and delivery service to make your life easier. If you have pre-booked our service and your vehicle is drivable, our staff will pick it up from a location of your choosing and return it to you after all repairs have been completed.
Car Service and Repair operates a fleet of pool cars with a dedicated driver, therefore wherever we collect from, we must be allowed to park one of our pool vehicles either in your work parking place or, if in a residential area, on the road with a permission if necessary.