Check MOT History & Check MOT Status

Curious about your MOT due date? Eager to know the MOT history or MOT status of your next purchase? You took the right decision by choosing us.

Check MOT history and current MOT status with CarServiceAndRepair free car check

At CarServiceAndRepair , we share the pride in your ride. You only need to give the registration number and we will provide you with all the relevant information regarding the vehicle you’ve searched for. We can tell what you need to know. Do you want to know the check MOT history, or the expiry date of your MOT? Want to know why a vehicle failed the MOT? No problem, we will answer all your queries and tell you your MOT status.

You can even check the date at which the MOT was performed, the mileage that was recorded at the time, and also a list of defects or advisory that was issued. It is pretty normal that you don’t remember the results of your previous. Now you have another MOT test nearing and you are trying to recall the results of last year. Well, we can help you in a situation like this. Your entire MOT history is just a few clicks away.

It doesn’t matter if you have forgotten when your next MOT is due, or you would like to gather information about a vehicle that you’re planning to buy; we will help you. You can use our handy reminder tool to set a reminder when your MOT is next due.

The advantage of an MOT history checker is that it saves a lot of your money. If you are caught driving without an MOT you could be fined up to £1000. Buying a car without knowing its history could lead to several expensive repairs. You can avoid all this hassle and complications with our Check MOT online service

MOT Check

Revealing hidden vehicle history

A check MOT status is a great way to confirm whether the information you’re being told about a vehicle is true or not.

For instance; according to the industry authorities, 1 in every 20 vehicles that are sold has a mileage discrepancy. There is an odometer reading which does not match with the car’s history. This thing would be impossible to prove without an MOT certificate. So, a free MOT history check gives you a chance to have a digital look back at every certificate that was once issued and also check if there have been any errors or adjustments made.